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How To Make Herb Marinated Chicken

A delicious chicken recipe- herb marinated chicken There are various kinds of chicken recipes. Chicken is one of the most used food item in the world of today. Chicken chilli, chicken stew, chicken fry, chicken soup is some of the varieties of chicken. This is one of

Kitchen Safety for the Home Cook

Cooking is one of those necessities of life that can be both enjoyable and rewarding. Knowing that you’re feeding your family nutritious homemade favorites that make them smile is an incredible feeling. However, as with any activity that includes hot surfaces and knives, there are inherent dangers

Uncool Outcome Of Using Frozen Glassware

Important measurements of Uncool Outcome of Using Frozen Glassware The alcoholic drinks served with well-made glassware gives a splendid drinking experience to all. You may experience an inconvenient feel with the frozen glasses. The chilled glass materials are happening to change your taste. The most of brewing

Great Dishes with Vidalia Onions!

Most people think of onions as a supplement to other dishes, not as the center of attention. It’s different for Jeffrey Buben, who is the chef/owner of Vidalia Restaurant and Bistro Bis in Washington DC. Buben is all about onions, and in particular the beautiful sweet southern

Creating a Caesar Salad in a Parmesan Basket

A good salad is always great to complement your meal. Creating it in a Parmesan basket is a bit different but certainly gives it a unique flavor that’s absolutely delectable. Whether you have a party or go to a dinner, a salad certainly rounds out your palate.