Easy Banana Cake: A Great Way to Use Up Ripe Bananas

Delicious banana cake form the ripe bananas

Cakes are the interesting thing that the people will like to eat. Most of the people will like to eat cakes that are made up of the fruits. In fact fruit cakes are delicious than the other form of cakes. And the cakes that are made up of the fruits will be healthy too. Make sure that you are choosing the fruits that will be fit for baking the cake, since the cake batter that contains the fruits becomes watery that will affect the baking of the cake.


Cakes that are made up of fruits are special and they should be finished within a day. The fruits that are used in the cake will be good for one day not more than one day since the cakes that are made up of the fruits will not be added any preservative because it ruins the natural texture of the cake. There are many fruit cakes in the market in which the essence of the fruits are added to the cake to make it flavorable.

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Benefits of the banana

Banana is one of the fruits in which it will be tasty and sweet. The banana has the natural sugar content in it. It is available almost in every shop. Most of the shops will sell the bananas in a fresh way.  Because of its natural sweetness the children will like to eat the banana which is considered as the healthy snack. Banana can be used as the snack or as the ingredient to make many recipes. Using the banana we can do a variety of the dishes, we can use the banana in the cakes, desserts, ice creams etc.


One of the most important uses of the banana is that we can take it in breakfast which will be healthy and delicious too.  Those who are skipping the breakfast due to heavy work load can eat bananas at the morning breakfast which will be filling at the same time you will be having the delicious breakfast without spending much of the time.

BBC Food Website (27th February 2012)

Preparing the banana cake to attract the children

Children will not like to eat the bananas as simply what they are. Here is the delicious banana cake that is done with the ripe bananas. To make the banana cake take the 2 and a quarter cup of all purpose flour and add the 1 and a half cup of the sugar now add the one and a half teaspoon of baking soda and half teaspoon of salt, add 3 banana and beat it with the electrical beater. Now add the 2 eggs, buttermilk and the cream and beat the mixture until it is mixed completely.


After mixing the mixture, a batter is obtained.  Add the batter into the 13×9 inches tray which is greased with the butter and the all purpose flour. Now place the tray in the microwave oven by setting the timer for 350 degree Celsius. After the cooking time you can pinch the tooth pick in the cake to make sure that the cake is cooked well. After cooling the cake you can separate the delicious yummy banana cake and the tray.