Grilled Rueben Sandwich

Easy fix-to-quick Grilled Rueben Sandwich recipe

Sandwiches are very easy to make and best partner in your weekend family snacks menu. There is no surprise that with all your kitchen items you can make so many cooking options in a combination of sandwiches. The fix-to-quick favourite recipes are listed mainly with the sandwich based dishes only. This is because the readymade sandwiches allow you to do plenty of mouth-watering recipes with a lightning fast time. Roasted bread pieces with the tasty beef roles are many youngsters’ favourite recipe.


The grilled Rueben sandwich is coated with corned beef pieces, sauerkert and Swiss cheese. This undergoes a specific level of heating process in the skillet until it gets the golden brown color. The thousand of island spices and tasty ingredients are contributing in each of its layer part.


The layered structure

Make the best fried Rueben sandwich with the following items. Start your cooking by having the sliced bread pieces topped with the corned beef and sauerkert. Take out those slices and cover it with the fresh meat of corned beef with the drained sauerkert. The delightful Swiss cheese in large size plays its role giving a mild taste to all the sandwich pieces. The thousand of island coating adds value by building a layer of bread structure.

Get a well made unsalted butter and apply it on all sides of bread pieces and once they are perfect in the coating part and then get ready for the frying process. In a large skillet put some oil like olive oil and wait until it gets that frying heat to roast the sandwich layers well.


Easy frying process

Put that in high-medium heat temperature and place the sandwich on the skillet. Cook it for about a couple of minutes. See the exotic golden brown bread color on all of its side. That is why the unsalted butter is used after building the layer part. The serving options are out of your imaginations and do it as you wish.

For a spice delight give dill pickles mix on the grilled sandwich pieces. If that is not your wish, you go for a combination of Rueben sandwich with green vegetable sources. You can serve the grilled Rueben sandwich with the large bowl of vegetable soup. The sweet salad and divine taste of your favourite sauce can also works well with it.


The exotic corned beef roles melted with Swiss cheese is a best recipe to do at your home. Try for a spice mixes in the middle of all layers and it can end-up with the new dish. The perfect topping with right ingredients are essential thing to be taken care in doing this recipe. You must get a fresh corned beef roles or pieces and this is all about presenting a mind-blowing recipe taste. The other main item is sauerkert and keep note that it should be in a drained state before you start to use in the bread layer part. There is no hard work in this recipe and all you need is to ensure nice bread layer coated with the ingredients. Serve this finely grilled Rueben to your lovable family and guests.