Hanukkah Apples

Hanukkah Apples gives you high nutrition and proteins

Hanukkah apples are well known traditional apples used with respect and colour of joy. It is very popular for it homemade delicious fruit salad in USA. In US more than 200 million people using apple in their daily lifestyle. In USA many apple are introduced from 1935 for the benefits, university of agriculture and research centre involved in crossing many apple families to introduce a new kind of apple with lot of protein, vitamins, and sweet taste. In USA apple have it season all around the year. World top 50 apple is cultivated in USA it leads them to take an important places in international apple market. These apples are deep red in colour partially green in the body of the fruit. It is sweet in taste used in all kind of food items such as cooking, baking, and snacks. Hanukkah is very popular traditional fruit in USA.


It can be used in salad

It is used in many different types of food items such as fruit salad, for this fresh apple 4-6 number are taken, in jar ¾ of water is added in a cooker, ¼ of sugar is added and cooked for 40min in medium heat. It will cook the apple and make apple in to very smooth and interesting. After cooking the apple add ½ tsp of cinnamon and 2 tsp of lemon juice is mixed with the cooked apple for making a different flavour. After mixing the dishes just crush the apple into smaller and smaller as possible and serve it in a dinning plates for your near and dears in your home. It is very healthy dishes to you and your family. These apples are rich in fiber and protein. Due to skin of the apple it brings fiber product and helps to get nutrition to our body. Taking apple like this is highly recommended by many nutrition specialist and doctors. It is also used in fruit diet and in normal diet.


Benefits of apple

Basically apple is very crispy and crunchy in nature it consist of fiber, vitamin, protein and carbohydrate in good ratio. It is recommended to take an apple in our daily lifestyle. In USA people make their younger generation also to take apple in the routine food schedule to make a healthy environment. It helps to regenerate the energy after playing or working very hard. Much doctor advice to eat apple after gym, swimming, playing, practicing and much more to rebuild energy you loosed. Making our body pure and healthy with natural fruit is the best ways. It is approved by the food and drugs administration department to use the apple all around the world. This kind of apple are available in most of the countries, it is highly used by the people. Many companies export this fruit and most of the countries importing this apple product for their benefit help human body to protect from many heath issues. It is very common to make the apple in our daily snacks easy, healthy, tasty food is waiting for you with lots of benefits to your health.