How To Make Aioli Sauce

Sizzling aioli sauce to make the cooking attractive

Sauces are used with the main dishes to make the dish tasteful and delicious. Most of the people nowadays use the sauces to make the dishes more delicious and yummy. The sauces can be prepared by the various ingredients. The sauces after preparing can be used with the main dish to make the main dish yummier. In common the sauces are used with the dry items that make the food to be tasted with the different platform. The most common varieties of the sauces that are available are the tomato sauce and the chilli sauce.


People will like to eat the food items with the sauces in which it will make the recipe yummy and tasty. More often the sauces that are prepared with the other ingredients will be different to taste. In most of the restaurants they are giving the variety of the sauces to attract the crowd. The children will like to taste the sauce with the snacks that are given to them. Aioli sauce is one such sauce which is made up of the garlic and the eggs.


Simmering the aioli sauce

The aioli sauce can be tasted with the lemon juice even though this is not the tradition for eating the aioli sauce many will like to eat the sauce in this method. Many extensions can be used in this sauce such as the mustard and other seasonings. Aioli sauce is like the mayonnaise sauce in which this sauce can be used with the items like the fried chicken etc.

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The virgin olive oil that is used in this sauce gives the flavouring or the sauce as well as the sauce will be shining. The garlic that is used in this sauce will be acting as the best ingredient which helps the people for digestion after eating the food.  In the cuisine of Occitan this sauce is served with the sea foods and fish soups to make the dish more interesting.  In some places this sauce can be used with the boiled vegetables and with the boiled eggs.


Preparing the aioli sauce

The ingredients for making the aioli sauce is that  2 garlic gloves, 2 egg yolks, one and a half teaspoon of the Dijon mustard, white wine vinegar, extra virgin olive oil, salt and pepper which is used as the seasoning. Now the method of the preparation is take the sauce pan and add the minced garlic, now add the egg yolks, one teaspoon of the Dijon mustard, white wine vinegar and whisk the content with the beater.


Now add few drops of the extra virgin olive oil in which the sauce will be looking shiny. After adding the olive oil whisk the mixture with the beater. The egg will come puffy until that we need to beat the sauce, at last add the seasonings for taste. For seasonings we can add the salt and the pepper. If you need the lemon juice you can add it I the sauce and whisk it well so that the mixture will be mixed evenly. Now the smooth aioli sauce is prepared which can be used as the dip or with the sea foods.