How to Make Lasagna in a Slow Cooker

Preparing the delicious and healthy lasagna in a slow cooker

Various food varieties are arising day by day in which lasagna is the most popular and the healthy dish. Preparing the lasagna is the tedious process but in case of the slow cooker, the recipe can be made easy and the people will love to eat the delicious recipe that is done in the slow cooker. This is the process in which the readily items are arranged in the cooker and they can be easily cooked with the help of the steam.


Since it is cooked by the steam it is healthy to eat as well as it will be delicious too. All that we need is the sauce and the pasta sheets. It is the healthy dish because we are adding the milk products in the dish. The grated mozzarella cheese that is drizzled in this recipe will make this recipe more delicious. This dish is completely healthy and the people who are in diet can eat this without any hesitation.


Cooking the lasagna

The milk products that are added in the dish will make this dish more interesting in a way that the small children will like to taste the dish. The ingredients for this dish is that the pasta sheets, pasture sauce, walnut, curd, shredded carrot, non stick spray. This is enough for cooking the dish; the preparation time will be within 10 minutes which is less than the time taken to prepare the normal lasagna.


The cooking time of this lasagna is 3 hours such that it will blend the mixture well. Now comes the preparation of the  lasagna, the first thing is to take the pasture sauce and mix it with the walnut in one bowl after that add the curd with the shredded carrot in the second bowl. Mix the carrot and the curd mixture well. Meanwhile grate the mozzarella cheese and keep it aside. Now spray the non-stick spray in the electric cooker and pour the pasture sauce in the cooker.

After pouring the pasture sauce in the cooker add the pasta sheets in the cooker, now put the solid curd and the carrot mixture above the pasta sheets. After putting the curd mixture add the grated mozzarella cheese in the cooker as the layer. Now do the same layers repeatedly until the cooker is half filled.  Then close the cooker and set the timer for 3 hours which is the cooking time for the lasagna in the slow cooker.


Serving the hot lasagna

After 3 hours the lasagna is ready to eat you can open the electric cooker and use the wooden spoon to take the lasagna out of the cooker. Now the hot lasagna with the delicious cheesy burst is ready that will be very delicious and the children will like to eat this dish with excitement. This ios the healthy dish in which the people can eat this for dinner or for the breakfast. This is the whole meal which will be filling for the people who are choosing this dish. You can add the herbs like parsley before serving it to the guest.