New York Strip Steak Recipe

Magnificent foods feast with the New York strip steak recipe

The yummy family dinner recipes are now very easy to do and you don’t need to go for a restaurant to taste those delicious foods. With your sound knowledge in frying and cooking, you can make it at home surprise your guests. Whether it is your party or fun celebrations, the red meat based recipes will be delight to them. Do these mouth-watering recipes called as New York strip steak recipe and amaze your family members.


The chef Chris Bryan teaches us the making of this dinner food and explains all about the important thing to be carried out to bring a life to this dish. The red meat is playing an important role which is called as steaks in this food. He starts with telling about the need of fresh red meat pieces to do this.


Fresh steak pieces, oil and salt mix

The cooking process starts with cutting the steaks in to equal pieces on your cooking table. Check for its moisture and softness before doing the mixing process. For all the famous party recipes the suitable oil would be olive oil and you use it in this recipe too. The healthy olive oil quickly mingles with the steak pieces and gives a divine taste in every bite of it. You just follow the steps by applying the olive oil on all the pieces equally and ensure it covers the entire surface of it. The kosher salt is very famous for sauté process and this is mainly used instead of normal salt. This has unique taste quality and cut down the raw taste of meat and sticks well with the pieces.


Sauté process at large skillet

So rub the meat with required amount of kosher salt and keep it for about half an hour. This time will make the olive oil and kosher salt mix to be absorbed by the steaks. When you are done with above mentioned steps, and then heat a large skillet under high-medium heat. Then once it is ready for frying procedure, place all those steaks on the skillet area. Give some enough space between the pieces when you are doing sauté process in the skillet. This will ensure the proper frying state in each of the pieces. Check the softness and crispiness in each steak and if you feel it’s perfect in that fried state, then take it out from the skillet.


You just calm down the hot pieces by keeping it in a bowl for about ten minutes. Then take each of the meat pieces and place it over your cooking table. You can cut them in to your desired shape and size for serving them in a good way. The final process is about serving them on the plate. Garnish the crunchy New York steaks with the fresh lettuce or parsley leaves. The delicious steak pieces are ready to eat with the combination of sauces like tarragon sauce. You can do this sauce simultaneously with the main dish. This just needs main spices and tarragon leaves. After preparing it, taste your steak with the amazing tarragon melting sauce.