Perfect Your Beer Tasting Etiquette

Beer tasting is very interesting with 100’s of different flavour

Beer is a famous alcoholic beverage, but it contains less alcohol and high in different ratio. It is produced by the sacharification of the starch and fermentation of sugar. It have mostly manufactured with the sugarcane juices with high sugar. In general beer has the flavour of hops which added bitter taste to the beer product. Even other flavour are available such as fruits and herbs, the preparation of beer is called as brewing process. It is the world’s highly used alcoholic drink, third overall after water beer is popular drink in the world. Many different amount of adding alcohol in the beer is different in many countries. In general 4% to 6% of alcohol is used in preparing the alcoholic beer in recent days it is used up to 40% of alcohol in most of the manufacturing companies. Beer is well know party drink in countries use beer in high range it is part of social event and traditional events too such as beer festivals, pub culture,  and bar billiards.


Beer of different families

Beer is a classic drink that is popularly used in international market for many years. Tasting the beer take many steps and methods SRM standard references method, to pour beer in a glass tumbler for the best result. Smelling the odour of the beer is the important step to get total information of the ingredients added in the beer. With the colour of the beer it can be identified in some case. We commonly use a colour board to find this beer family, this board is completely coloured with the light brown and to dark brown. After pouring the beer in glass tumbler you can check with the colour board with the process. In highly concentrated beer it form foam in head of the tumbler that helps to identify the highly concentrated beer. In general many companies recently started to releases a highly concentrated beer in the manufacturing industries. This is because of the Ethanol a main ingredient added in the Alcohol that is very important to make the beer to dark and form foam in top.


Colour identification

It is easy method to identify the kinds of beer with the colour. In general colour deals with the flavour of the beer. It is available from light brown to dark brown in the market. Most of the concentrated alcoholic beer is dark in colour and less alcoholic beers are light brown in colour. It is very common to identify using a colour board used in the industry to find family. Alcohol makes the liquid density higher than the water so the drinks slowly run in the circumferences of the glass tumbler on shaking the tumblers.  Average range of alcohol is 12% but now much industry manufacture less than 12% for the commercial usage of beer in all parties and events. Very few manufacturing companies produce more than 21% of alcohol content in the beer. This kind of beer is rarely seen in the market and used by less number of people.