Reasons Why Honey is Good For Your Recipes and Health

Honey is a delicious treat for any kind of food. Due to the nutrients and just the versatile flavor of honey, it just makes it an excellent ingredient to add kick, texture, and savory feel to any meal you create.  This sweetener also helps to your energy and actually is great for your health (even as a good face treatment). Honey is one of nature’s best treats for your food and health because it provides multiple uses. Here you’ll learn why you can use it in your recipes and the overall structure of your body. Take a look at some pivotal reasons why honey is such a valued element.


What Makes Honey So Useful in Food2

Honey is an all-natural element that really is the best sweetener for your foods. In the United States alone, there are over 300 recipes that utilize honey. From your chicken wings to your cookies, you’ll find a honey-based recipe somewhere. Let’s say you want to make a barbecue recipe. You can add honey for a certain glaze or sauce to go over your meat from the grill. It’s absolutely perfect because it has a certain viscosity to it that adds a mix of sweet and savory feel to any food you add to it. For the more health conscious people, honey is a better alternative to sugar. Why? Well, honey is great for people with allergies and a bad cough. This is perfect for your tea and using it on your kids in case they get the common cold during the winter time.

Why is Honey Great as an Energy Booster?

3While honey does have a bit more calories, it’s actually a bit better than raw sugar. There are actual vitamins and antioxidants. These help your system function so much better because you’ll be able to heal quicker,  which increases your endurance levels before and after your workout. This is honestly a great natural pre-workout supplement that doesn’t have you running to the bathroom from the excess formula. You’ll get the energy you need plus amino acids in it that will help your muscle grow. The energy surge you get comes from fructose and glucose elements. The natural sugar will slowly absorb in your body and you won’t get a crash at the end unlike granulated sugar. The amount you need can be as little as a spoonful.

Honey is Good for the Skin

If you are having skin care issues, honey is a great source for your skin. Let’s say you have dry skin but you don’t want to use a chemical based treatment that will make it oily. Honey is actually great for making paste and putting it on your face. Additionally, you can heal any wounds up. A great tip is to use a banana peel it because the inside of the peel is great for cleansing your pores. You can use that in conjunction with honey to hydrate your skin as well as speed up the healing process. Honey continues to be a great resource for your food and overall health.