Traditional Crawfish Etouffee

Traditional Crawfish Etouffee seafood recipe

There is long big trail cooking methods that is used with the crawfish pieces. The etouffee is freshly made with the boiled crawfishes. There is many type of doing this roux based etouffee recipes. The one kind of season based etouffee recipe is the traditional etouffee crawfish. This can be done in several ways such that adding tomatoes or without tomatoes and all. In this recipe there is no space for tomatoes and doing all in a classic kitchen style.


Don’t get complicated with the ingredients list and make your own style in it. There is great demand for this season based crawfish and since it has low availability, you should get fine pieces of it from your nearby market.

Roux based seafood

The traditional etouffee needs some more flavour base by using the Spanish dry sherry and dry sack. This gives graceful spice taste to the crawfish. You can’t replicate this spice taste with just only adding the stock. Thus the dry sherry is incomparable in presenting an exotic taste to its dish. This seafood can be complemented with the shrimp instead of using the crawfish.


It’s up to your taste and wish. No matter whether you are mingling tomatoes and trinity or not, you can bring mouth-watering seafood from your cooking spice items. You will experience a different taste and color look when you use the shrimp pieces. The fat content in crawfish provides a yummy taste twist when you have it in your plate.


Large amount of Spice mixes

Try out the combination of fish with the shrimp slices and surely it will end up with the new taste to your dish. For a bit of texture and taste qualities just sprinkle some old bay or tomato juices in it. It is your wish whether you are adding tomato or trinity in this recipe. For DIY cooking recipe you should be ready in experimenting it with all your available cooking resources in your kitchen shelf. Best etouffee is made up with the fresh boiled crawfish. Since there is a shortage in this fish type, you may get only frozen boils only. This is frankly acceptable in nature as there is a big demand in those big fresh boils. So whatever it is, do the cooking work rightly with all those roux based recipe items. The ingredient list is too heavy with that large spice collection. This is for removing the bitter taste of raw fish meat pieces.


All the famous seafood needs more spices to cover the bad smell and to bring an exotic seafood recipe. The pepper list is about green, red and ground pepper powder. Get some unsalted butter, finely chopped garlic and onions. Other spices are kosher salt, Mexican chillies, cayenne pepper. The main ingredient is crawfish tail meat, flour and cup of water. Then start the cooking procedure by adding roux steaks with all the main spices in the heating pan. Once you are one with this add crawfish tails and roux steaks. Then cook it well for about couple of minutes by adding remaining spices. Serve this amazing seafood with your favourite sweet salad or vegetable soup.