Understanding Craft Beer Styles

Understanding Craft Beer Styles to make different flavors.

Beer taste different according to the crafting styles. The country of manufacturing different beers takes different tastes. The beers have very long tradition especially the classic beers that are developed hundred years back. The crafting of beers varies in environmental variables like geography, water chemistry and the climate of the place.

The German beers are very famous for its mild taste and it is of course not possible for other crafting industries to make the German beer. That is because of the quality of water and climate differs when one moves from a country to another country. This does not reflect the same taste as that of the beer which is manufactured in some other country. The beer lovers have unique expectation .So crafting of beer should be done to meet that expectation.


There are many craft brewery segment all around the world. Each the manufacturers takes different approach in crafting the beers and so different is the taste. The American craft brewers have small, independent and traditional way of crafting the beer. The small scale production includes the 6 million barrels of beer annual sales. The beverage alcohol industry itself is not a craft beer. There are brewers associations to enhance the market sales of craft beers.

There are different types of yeast used in beer. Each yeast taste different in beer. There are mainly two different types to be used in alcohol. There is yeast that ferments slowly at low temperature and that creates smoother and mellower beer. These beers are called as lager beer.


The larger beers have a light yellowish color and that is high in carbonation and stays less alcoholic than the other one. The other type of yeast is Ale .It raises to the top during fermentation and this ferments rapidly than the other beer. It produce aromatic and fruity product at a higher temperature. The traditional method of beer crafting uses this yeast, Ale without any pasteurization. This type of beer produce lower amount of carbonation and are served at warmer temperature and the stronger once are saved at room temperature.


Amber beers are a beer type that is very rich in yellow golden colour; this sort of beers can be both lagers or else ales. It has many special grains added to it. The Bitter beer is highly hopped one. It is pale in color with strong alcohol content and is usually popular in British pubs. There are dark beers which are very dark in cooler and are kilned for longer period of time from the roasted grain .It is deep in its flavors.

Fruit beer is made with the extract of fruits especially with berries .It is added during the primary fermentation .India Pale Ale is brewed in England and is exported to India. Mild beer is another variety in beer that is mild in taste and is very sweeter and also cheaper .It was very popular in mid –nineteenth century but it has now vanished in most of the pubs.


Wheat beer also called as Weizen is used in German style .It uses malted wheat and some barley. Stout is a beer that is very dark and heavy. They are roasted with the unmated barley, some sugars and Carmelita is usually served at cool temperature.