Your Kids’ New Favorite Snack

If you’re like most parents, you’re constantly searching for the ideal snack for your kids—something that they’ll love, but also something hat you can feel good about. You like words like “healthy” and “wholesome”—they hear those words and immediately decide it’s not for them! So how do you find something that you’ll like… and that they’ll love?


One way to keep them involved is to have your kids help you create the snacks. Everyone who has a hand in creating something naturally wants to try it out, so this is a great way to get buy-in from your kids.

The recipe that Ariana Almajan from Kraft Foods shares on this video has something else that kids will be attracted to: it’s got great visual appeal. She characterizes it as “adorable,” and your kids might think so, too. It’s a cheese chick snack that’s perfect for spring, and Almajan’s little helper is certainly finding it fun to put together.

So how do you create this wholesome and healthy adorable snack? The cheese chick snack starts with Triscuit crackers, Kraft singles, carrots, raisins or currants, and round cookie cutters in multiple sizes.

2Getting started: the chick’s body

The first thing to do before you create anything in the kitchen is to wash your hands thoroughly. This is a good habit to help your kids get into from the start. It lowers the risk of disease transmission and helps kids develop sanitary habits.


You’ll begin by cutting the Kraft singles into the shapes you want for your chick. This is why you need several different-sized cookie cutters. Start by cutting out the chick’s body by using your biggest cookie cutter. Have your child do this: he or she will enjoy creating this chick out of cheese.

Now take a smaller cookie cutter and cut out a smaller round shape. This is going to be the chick’s head. So you’re just going to attach the small circle to the big circle so that our chick can have both a head and a body together.

3Add the veggies

Get the vegetables ready by washing them thoroughly and patting them dry. In this next step you can use either a small sharp knife or a pair of kitchen scissors. Take the carrot and cut it up and create two little wedges to make the feet. Trim the wedges into shapes that look like little chicken feet, being careful with the knife (you might want to do this part of it). Try and get the feet to match if you can for consistency, and then take them over to the cheese and attach them to the chick’s body.

The next thing you’ll do with the carrots is create a beak, or a nose if you prefer. Cut it as a triangle and add it to the chick’s cheese body.

Finally, the chick needs eyes, and that’s where the raisins or currants come in. Choose two and add them on. What you’ve created is a great snack your kids will eat… and that you’ll feel good about serving!